Telehealth Physiotherapy Consultations

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is similar to normal face-to-face consults, only we communicate and connect using a screen and provide the same core services as we assess, diagnosis and treat all online.

Experience personalized treatment plans and professional guidance from the comfort of your home, promoting healing and well-being.

Who is is for?

Our Goal

Empowering patients through accessible care, our goal is to provide expert physiotherapy services remotely, ensuring continuity of care and convenience through telehealth.

Whats Involved

Thorough Assessment & Accurate Diagnosis

We connect online using video conferencing software through a secure & encrypted link.
We will ask a series of questions and listen to your story which will help formulate a diagnosis.
We then look at basic movement patterns and key diagnostic tests to help confirm your diagnosis.

Comprehensive Treatment & Management Plan

Explanation, advice & education on what’s actually going on and how to best manage your condition.
Customized exercise program & self-management techniques and strategies.
Live demonstrations of your exercises prescribed which will be emailed out to you.

Your Telehealth Checklist

Why Choose Us

What Happens Next

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Physio Program

A physio program will be emailed to you with your management plan and rehab exercises.

Video Demo

You can access your program online using the free app and website with ongoing access to video demonstrations.

Monitor Your Progress

You can schedule your program into your calendar, track your progress and stay in touch with your therapist if you have any questions.