Workstation Assessments & Ergonomic Treatment Plans

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The Impact of Workplace Injury


Safe Work Australia has identified:

Risk Factors

Australia spends over $60 billion annually on workplace injury, illness and associated employee absenteeism.

Problems associated with employee absenteeism are not limited to the employee and the consequences are far-reaching.

Employee absenteeism can affect productivity, finances, and team morale.

The Benefits of Ergonomic Assessments & Injury Management Plans

Physio with the convenience and in the comfort of your home.

Mitigate Risk of Injury

Reduce Work Compensation Costs

Reduced Work Absenteeism

Identify & Control Workplace Risks

Happier & Healthier Staff

Improve Work Productivity

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Our Services

  • An ergonomic assessment involves assessment of an employee at their workstation to ensure optimal working positions. ergonomic work practices and correct workstation set-up
  • It is conducted by a fully qualified and experienced physiotherapist skilled in ergonomic assessment and management
  • Consist of implementing an evidence-based, and workplace-specific exercise program where employees are shown and coached on how to perform the program at work or home.
  • It is designed as an injury prevention exercise program and also for management of existing shoulder, upper back, neck and upper limb conditions.
  • It is designed to be flexible and convenient to easily and effectively implement into the work week.
  • Individual consultation of any current problems and injury history of the employee
  • Personalised ergonomic assessment
  • Ergonomic Modifictions, advice and education on ergonomic health and specific initiatives for the indiviudal
  • Tailored Equipment Recommendations
  • Formal report provided to employer outlining all findings and recommendations within 24 hours of the assessment
  • Can conduct work and home assessments
  • Time required: 30-60 minutes assessment and inervention + Report
  • General ergonomic assessments of all workstations within the workplace.
  • An ideal injury prevention initiative and to optimize staff well-being by ensuring appropriate ergonomic set up of each workstation.
  • Ideal for new workplaces, for staff recently returned from working from home or as a general WHS initiative.
  • Ergonomic mesaurements, modifictions, advice and education on ergonomic health.
  • Format report provided to employer within 24 hours of the assessment(s) outlining any further recommendations from the assessments that would benefit an employee.
  • Time required: 10-15 minutes assessment of each workstation and total time dependant on number of employees + Report
  • Consist of implementing an evidence-based, and workplace-specific exercise program to a group of employees within the respective workspace.
  • Education on the about the nature and specific benefits of the exercises is provided in addition to demonstration and technique explanation. Each exercise is run through together with the group to ensure employees are performing each exercise safely and general modifications are made to employees where appropriate.
  • These exercise programs can be added onto the either the standard or sweep ergonomic assessment if requested.
  • Maximum of 12 employees at a time.
  • Complete with a PDF Exercise program made available within 24 hours.
  • Free Resistance band provided to the employees
  • Access to the internet
  • A device with a camera (laptop/tablet/phone)
  • A secure position for your device
  • You may need speakers, earphones or a headset if you are hard on hearing
  • Full musculoskeletal examination including comprehensive¬†range of movement & strength

  • Work fitness assessments (otherwise known as functional capacity evaluations)

Reduce Shoulder Pain

Reduce Neck Pain

Reduces General Musculoskeletal Pain

Efficient & Easy Implement

Extremely Good Adherence to the Exercise Program

Improve Quality of Life in Office Workers

Further Evidence Based Benefits of Work Based Exercise Interventions

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